Parkinson’s fundraiser aims for 2 million steps

Our Rail team have set themselves a gigantic fundraiser challenge, to collectively walk 2 million steps throughout the month of June to raise money for Parkinson’s UK.

Going the distance

It’s a challenge which should see them cover 750 miles by the time they reach their 2 million steps milestone. From taking to their local streets, to walking the dog around the park – every stroll no matter how small will be collated and added to the step count.

The team were keen to take on a fundraiser that everyone could get involved with, whilst being able to raise money for an important cause. To spear them on, everyone’s steps will be tallied up at the end of each week – helping to keep them on track.

If you’d like to make a donation to support their 2 million steps fundraiser then head over to the JustGiving page.


Fundraising to support Parkinson’s

Research from Parkinson’s UK highlights that 1 in 37 people in the UK are likely to be diagnosed with the condition. This figure is expected to increase as our population ages and the number of people in the UK increases – with as estimate of around 172,000 expected to receive a Parkinson’s diagnosis by 2030.

With 2 more people told of their Parkinson’s diagnosis every hour, it’s important to raise awareness of this condition and support crucial research and development for those people living with Parkinson’s.

Understanding Parkinson’s

Typically data shows that men are more likely to develop the condition than women, the reason why though is yet unknown. It’s thought however that this may be a result of lifestyle and biological factors – such as genetics and exposure to chemicals.

Parkinson’s is a progressive neurological condition, meaning the condition will get worse over time as it causes problems in the brain. There is currently no cure, however therapies and treatments are available alongside support to manage the condition.

There are over 40 symptoms that people living with Parkinson’s may be affected with, however everyone experiences it differently – and not everyone will incur all of the symptoms.

Identifying the early signs

In an article from Parkinson’s UK, they highlight the 10 early signs of Parkinson’s which can help everyone to stay alert. It’s recommended that if you or someone you know shows signs of these potential Parkinson’s symptoms, to make an appointment with a GP who can arrange any necessary referrals.

  1. Problems with your sleep
  2. Losing your sense of smell
  3. Small handwriting
  4. Constipation and bladder problems
  5. Depression
  6. Anxiety
  7. Fatigue
  8. Tremor
  9. Slowness of movement
  10. Rigidity

Read the full article to find out more on the Parkinson’s UK website.

About Parkinson’s UK

Parkinson’s UK aim to improve the lives of everyone affected by Parkinson’s. To support life beyond diagnosis, the team at Parkinson’s rely on vital fundraising to undertake extensive research to find better ways to support people living with the condition and work together to look for a cure.

They also provide a confidential and free helpline that provides support and information about Parkinson’s. This can be accessed by calling 0808 800 0303, or using the text relay service on 18001 0808 800 0303.

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