A carbon neutral business

Across the NRL Group, we are committed to understanding our carbon footprint as an organisation, including implementing meaningful changes to reduce our impact on the environment and world we operate within. That’s why in 2021 we partnered with an independent advisor, One Carbon World, to achieve the Carbon Neutral International Standard across our operations. Identifying ways that we can immediately reduce our footprint, whilst generating long-term plans to continue to improve on this progress each year- including working with carbon champions across our branches to engineer change that means something to our colleagues on a personal level.

For NRL, the decision to become a carbon neutral organisation was an organic development which has followed our continued focus to support our clients with their net zero energy plans – having already helped to deliver major green energy projects across the globe.

“As a major provider of engineering recruitment and contracting services to the energy sector, we’ve been on a journey with our clients to support their energy transition to greener, cleaner resources. It’s therefore of great importance to us that we’re doing everything we can as a Group to make our own improvements to support this collective effort to strive for net zero.”

David Redmayne, NRL Group CEO

Proud to have achieved the Carbon Neutral International Standard

Download our annual certificate which verifies the NRL Group and associated businesses as carbon neutral.

Interested in finding out more about our accreditation?

Find out how we successfully reduced our footprint by 27% in our second year of holding the Carbon Neutral International Standard in our press release here.

Whilst in year three we identified additional improvements to reduce our carbon emissions by a further 7%, whilst reporting on a wider scope as our Group has continued to grow. In our press release you can find out how together this has resulted in a 31.5% reduction since we became carbon neutral, with our carbon footprint per employee per year also falling by 29.4%.

Who are One Carbon World?

As a global resource partner of the UN Climate Neutral Now Initiative, One Carbon World is a not-for-profit organisation that advises and supports organisations to measure and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

They operate in 24 countries, working with businesses to access funding and help them invest in carbon credits to support international projects that offset carbon usage.

What is the Carbon Neutral International Standard?

Once we had undertaken the above steps to identify our footprint and offset the carbon we could not reduce, we met the criteria for the international standard to be classified as carbon neutral. The hard work doesn’t stop there though, as we continue to identify how we can further reduce our carbon usage and make a positive impact on the environment.

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