Ultrasonic Testing

Our Ultrasonic testing capability is utilised across the railway network to detect defects which could result in service failures and critical health and safety breaches.

Precision accuracy to ensure Britain’s trains keep moving

Using industryleading equipment, our team of experts are trained to test every inch of surface to identify any flaws that require immediate remedial work. Hand-held devices are used by our highlytrained Ultrasonic Rail Flaw Detection Operatives (URFDO) to ensure the precision required to meet Network Rail Standard NR/L3/TRK/055.

Comprehensive Ultrasonic testing capability

Our Ultrasonic testing services provide support for: 

  • Flaw detection and identification for track and asset
  • Defect removal 
  • Rail head damage 
  • Vertical Longitudinal Splitting (VLS) 
  • Significant rail corrosion 
  • Lipping on rail adjustment switches
  • Areas of rolling contact fatigue (RCF) 

Our robust and compliant approach

NRL’s experienced in-house compliance team ensure our operatives have the relevant minimum action codes (MAC) to proceed with the correct course of action depending on the type of defect identified. This is backed up by our stringent health and safety procedures and quality management system which is externally audited by RISQS.

Ultrasonic inspection delivery includes: 

  • L2/TRK/001 M06 – Visual Inspection & ultrasonic testing of rails  
  • L2/TRK/001 M07 – Management of Rail Defects  
  • NR/L3/TRK/2416 – Rail Testing using Train based Sperry – Equipped ultrasonic  
  • NR/L3/TRK/055 – Work instructions for Ultrasonic Rail Testing
  • NR/SP/TRK/057 – Rail Failure Handbook
  • NR/SP/TRK/1110 – Qualification and Certification of NDT Personnel 

Demonstrating safety in everything we do

Having worked trackside for two decades, we always understand the need for everyone to undertake their work with safety as the key priority.

Trusted project management expertise

Our management team ensure the safety and competent delivery of our services to the highest of standards. Experts in their fields, they’re trusted by our clients to deliver their projects, working alongside their core team.

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