NRL passes another successful RISQS audit

NRL’s Rail contracting team are pleased to have secured a resoundingly successful audit, following a recent comprehensive deep dive review of our management systems that support the rail industry. This was conducted under the banner of the Rail Industry Supplier Qualification Scheme (RISQS), with no significant concerns raised.

What is RISQS?

RISQS is the UK Rail Industry-wide standard underpinning a heavily regulated industry. It sets out specifications that approved suppliers must fully implement. This is to ensure that organisations supplying to the rail industry continue to develop, and aid in creating, a safer railway and working environment.

Businesses that hold RISQS certification, and audited status, can diligently demonstrate that they have met the required quality and safety critical measures.

RISQS provides a framework for suppliers to demonstrate they are meeting agreed levels of performance for safety, quality, and environmental aspects.

The RISQS scheme covers a multitude of supply chain activities and protocols, typically including purchasing, engineering, maintenance, fatigue management, alcohol and drugs management, employment medicals, sub sponsor management, construction design management, competence management, emergency and contingency planning, control and maintenance of plant and equipment, to name a few.

The RISQS audit process is designed to provide confidence that suppliers are meeting their commitments, by providing evidence that demonstrates how they manage risks effectively, so that any issues can be identified and mitigated early.

Organisations that hold RISQS certification, together with successful audit inspections, can demonstrate that they have met a set of national standards for procurement and supply chain management. Which helps to ensure the industry as a whole remains safety and compliance focused.

NRL and RISQS, a long history of compliance

NRL is a long-standing RISQS certified organisation, having delivered contracting services since 2001.

RISQS certification is a key component of NRL’s quality management system, which ensures we meet the highest standards in everything we do. Additional certifications include ISO 9001: 2015 for quality management systems, ISO 14001: 2015 environmental management systems and ISO 45001: 2018 for occupational health & safety management.

Discussing the latest RISQS audit, NRL’s Compliance Manager Pat McCarthy said,

“The team are delighted to have passed another arduous RISQS audit with such a positive outcome, which reflects the professionalism of each team member.
At NRL, health, safety and the environment are paramount in the delivering a quality service.
This achievement is a testament to the continued hard work and dedication of our team and support office. Our long-standing record of RISQS compliance, demonstrates that we consistently meet and exceed industry standards – providing our clients with the assurance they need that their assets remain reliable and safe with our continued delivery and support.”

Undergoing RISQS auditing

Organisations must undergo periodical audits to prove compliance with the scheme and maintain their audited status, where they deliver services that the Rail Industry Supplier Qualification Scheme deem to be higher risk – such as working directly on the tracks. These are identified through RICCL codes (Railway Industry Commodity Classification List).

RISQS audits are conducted by an independent auditor, who will assess an organisation’s quality management systems. Including safe work planning assessment, random drug and alcohol testing, and a review of quality management processes.

Maintaining standards within the rail industry

RISQS ensures good business practice across the industry. Developed for companies, suppliers and other stakeholders to ensure that they all operate within an acceptable framework of accountability, transparency and responsibility.

An industry-wide certification scheme for procurement and supply chain management, it applies equally to all parties involved in delivering rail services. 90+ companies purchasing rail services have signed up to RISQS as buying members, and more than 4,000 industry suppliers have secured certification through the scheme.

NRL’s rail maintenance expertise

NRL has supported the rail industry with maintenance services for more than 20 years – working within the rail industry supply chain to provide a range of services that help keep the UK’s rail tracks safe.

These include rail maintenance, asset inspection, ultrasonic testing and grinding across the UK’s rail network. As well as supporting private track to maintain safety standards.


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