NRL welcomes interest for new rail trainee roles

NRL’s Rail Operations Manager Brett Hawke is on a recruitment drive, looking to introduce a number of new trainee rail Grinders to their nationwide contracting team.

The roles will assist with existing projects planned throughout 2021, as well as new projects the team are preparing to support.

Looking to gain skills and experience?

Our new rail trainees will be supported with a comprehensive 6-8 week rail training programme, working alongside the team to learn the ropes – before undertaking a RCF Grinding Operative training course.

Once complete, our colleagues will work alongside our teams out on the track – supporting our clients on a wide range of projects as we deliver our nationwide grinding service.

Positions are full-time and provide a great opportunity to gain hands on experience. Whilst rail industry experience would be preferred, it is not essential as full training will be provided to ensure new team members can work safely, and competently deliver our grinding services.

Anyone interested in joining NRL as a rail trainee can apply and submit their CV to Brett Hawke at

I’m new to the rail industry, what’s grinding?

Grinding is an essential service we deliver to the rail industry, it helps ensure the infrastructure across the UK is safe for passenger and freight trains to operate.

Infrastructure such as the rail tracks, undergo regular maintenance inspections to identify any defects that could result in a potential train derailment.

Where defects are identified due to fatigue, NRL’s grinding team get to work to repair the track and return it to safe operation.

our grinding services

What’s included in the RCF Grinding Operative course?

RCF – stands for Rolling Contact Fatigue. It’s where the surface of the track wears down where it comes into contact with the trains on a regular basis.

On the training course you’ll learn how to correctly operate the various grinding equipment and the necessary safety measures you’ll need to undertake to ensure you keep yourself and everyone in the team safe.

At NRL’s Barnsley office we’ve built a state-of-the-art indoor training track – which allows team members to learn technical skills such as grinding in the safety of a private, indoor track – away from the working railway.

training facilities and services

Everyone home safe everyday

It’s a safety vision initiated by Network Rail and adopted across the rail industry supply chain. That’s because when you’re working in a team out of the tracks, everyone is responsible for keeping themselves and everyone safe. By working together across contracting companies and together with fellow team members, we help to ensure that everyone goes home at the end of each shift – and the safety of each and every worker is looked out for.

Railway safety is critical to us, and it’s a message you’ll see and hear about on a daily basis when you join NRL’s contracting teams.

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